Babahoyo, is the capital of the Los Ríos province of Ecuador. Its population is cited around 153,000. It is bordered by two rivers, the San Pablo and the Caracol, which join to form the Babahoyo River. This meets the Daule River to form the Guayas River, which runs to the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Guayaquil. A processing and trade center for the surrounding agricultural region, the city handles rice, sugarcane, fruits, balsa wood, and tagua nuts (vegetable ivory). Rice and sugar are also milled here.


Noteworthy attractions of the capital include the verdant gardens of Parque 24 de Mayo and the city’s main cathedral, which is decorated with an enormous mosaic mural depicting the Virgin Mary. One of the excursions that the area offers involves sailing down the Rio Babahoyo, taking in the countryside and the traditional lifestyle of the area’s campesinos who live off the land, cultivating crops and raising cattle. One feature of this journey that stands out is seeing the floating houses unique to the area.


In Babahoyo the main dish is the ceviche of shrimp, fish and conch. Another characteristic famous dish in Babahoyo is the caldo de manguera (sausage soup).


The city has a hot and humid climate. Babahoyo floods frequently during the winter months. (Note: Babahoyo flooded during January–June 2008 in which the entire city flooded.)

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