Coalition Game Theory Analysis in Cognitive Mobile Radio Networks
Monitoring of small crops for the measurement of environmental factors through the internet of things (IoT)
Management of SSL certificates: through dynamic link libraries
System Based on IoT (Internet of Things) to Help Care for Dependent Elderly
VOIP system dimensioning the radio-links and the VSAT of the MINTEL school connectivity project through the TELCONET S.A network.
A Systematic Mapping Study of Description Languages in Cloud Services Development
Security and Privacy
Analysis of authentication failures in the Enterprise
Implementation and Detection of Novel Attacks on the PLC memory in a Clean Water Supply System
Computer and Software Engineering
Towards a merged interaction design pattern focused on university prospective students: Results from a pretest–posttest intervention study
Gesture-based Children Computer Interaction for Inclusive Education: A Systematic Literature Review
Design of an Augmented Reality Serious Game for children with Dyscalculia: A Case Study
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How to Govern VSE Teams: Experiences through a Model and Case Study
Quantitative analysis of expectations in a context of ICT-supported collaborative learning
Maturity Level of Software Development Processes in SMEs Guayaquil
Integration and Evaluation of Social Networks in Virtual Learning Environments: A Case Study
Towards the implementation of a decision support system for calculating process costs using BPMN and TDABC
Calyx and Stem Discrimination for Apple Quality Control Using Hyperspectral Imaging
Perso2U: Exploration of user emotional states to drive interface adaptation
Mobile based Approach for Accident Reporting
Systematic Mapping Study of Architectural Trends in Latin America
Analyzing Mid-Air Hand Gestures to Confirm Selections on Displays
Computational Intelligence
A Real-Time Method to Detect Remotely a Target based on Color Average and Deviation
A hybrid approach of recommendation via extended matrix based on collaborative filtering with demographics information
Simple Bayesian Classifier Applied to Learning
Convolution Kernel Size Effect on Convolutional Neural Network in Histopathological Image Processing Applications
Weighting and Classification of Image Features using Optimization Algorithms
An Overview of Multiple Sequence Alignment methods applied to transmembrane proteins
Detection of Desertion Patterns in University Students using Data Mining Techniques: A Case Study
An Evolutionary Intelligent Approach for the LTI Systems Identification in Continuous Time
Data Analysis and Tools Applied to Modeling and Simulation of a PV System in Ecuador
Geographical information system based on artificial intelligence techniques
Classification Models Applied to Uncertain Data
Method for Project Execution Control based on Soft Computing and Machine Learning
PSO Tuning for Fuzzy PD + I Controller applied to a Mobile Robot Trajectory Control
Fault-tolerant model based on fuzzy control for mobile devices
Learning to Recommend Using a Deep Reinforcement Agent
Application of data mining for the detection of variables that cause university desertion
Mobile Biometric Authentication by Face Recognition for Attendance Management software
Computer aided diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases based on iridology
Method for the Automated Generation of a Forest Non Forest Map with Landsat 8 Imagery by using Artificial Neural Networks and the Identification of Pure Class Pixels
Ensemble Algorithm based on Penalty Strategy in order to Improve Accuracy in Classification
A computer aided diagnosis system for skin cancer detection
Optimization of the Network of Urban Solid Waste Containers in Ibarra City
Inductive machine learning with image processing for objects detection of a robotic arm with Raspberry PI
Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment for a Memory Game
Machine Learning Methods in the Classification of Mammography Region of Interest using Wavelet Transform and Radiomic Texture Features
Balanced Scorecard as evaluation tool with sterilization processes by using Fuzzy Logic
e-Government and e-Participation
Citizen participation in the use of the IRS portal that electronic government brings in the city of Milagro
Analysis of e-Government strategy implementation in Ecuador